Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer 1.0

The Mortgage & Loan Calculator Analyzer is a software program designed to help borrowers organize and track their mortgages in great detail. It can also be used for other types of loans, but was intended originally for mortgages. Although this is a powerful program with features beyond what you will find elsewhere on the web for free, it is still easy to use for the novice software user and mortgagee.

The software, in its basic form, works like most any mortgage calculator. You can enter the information for your mortgage including data such as the term of the loan (number of years), the total principal you borrowed, the interest rate, the payment cycle (the program assumes each month, but you can change this around), and the compounding period of the mortgage (again the program assumes 12 months). The software will then calculate the monthly payment from this data. It will also generate an amortization table showing you the interest and principal paid for each payment over the life of the mortgage.

Other features include:

  • Multiple mortgages: allowing you to try out different payment options or interest rates to see how they affect your pay off date
  • Amortization table can be generated for both annual data as well as all date (every payment throughout the life of the mortgage)
  • Add in home insurance, PMI, and property taxes to figure the payment you will make to your mortgage company
  • An easy and quick extra payment option that automatically adjusts each payment and calculates the new mortgage pay off date
  • Numerous payment cycle and compound type options including monthly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, annual, and bi-annual

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Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer


Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer 1.0

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